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Varun G. Writes a 600+ pages Novel, The Tale of the Wulks; sold on Amazon

Varun G. writes a 600+ novel to be published later this month (August, 2013). It is entitled The Tale of the Wulks. He is a high school senior applying to a variety of private colleges and to the University of California this Fall. Varun is the first client Mr. Le has met who achieved an ambitious and monumental task of writing his own novel, certain to capture the attention of any college admission committee.

You can purchase a copy on Amazon or see the  trailer of his novel at:

Client from November, 2012 - November, 2013


Kirsten J. Takes Acting Class at UC-Santa Barber & Develops Spanish Web site

Kirsten was able to find a summer class at UC-Santa Barbara to add to her high school transcript and to help boost up her GPA in time for the Fall 2013 application deadline. Summer school at major universities and two-year colleges is a great academic enrichment experience for qualified high school students. Earning an A in one 3-semester-unit course is equivalent to a year-long high school course. Kirsten also participated in a Spanish immersion program in elementary school. She has decided to create a web site devoted to provide online Spanish tutoring and also to educate parents about the benefits of Spanish immersion elementary schools. The web site is

More information of UCSB's summer program can be found at:

Client from June 2013 - November, 2013


Navreet G. Attends Stanford Summer Session 2013

On the recommendation of Bay Area College Consulting, Navreet attends Stanford Summer Session to build up his academic record. Summer session is available to qualified high school students and existing college students. The University of California at Berkeley and Harvard University also has a summer session open to qualified students. Trung Le, founder of Bay Area College Consulting, was a three-time attendee of UC-Berkeley's program from 2005 - 2007 and a Harvard University Summer Session candidate in 2007. Navreet is in the process of preparing to transfer from De Anza College to a 4-year university the middle of next academic year.

Client from February, 2013 - August, 2013


Katherine Builds Volunteer Web site, Fall, 2012

Katherine creates a web site devoted volunteer work for Bay Area residents. Her web site is

Volunteering at a local organization is expected from most colleges and universities, especially private colleges since their mission is to graduate students that will give back to society. Katherine will attend Denison University in the Fall of 2013.

Client from June - November, 2012


Paul D. Gains Admission into the University of California, Berkeley for Fall, 2013!

Paul D. gains admission into UC-Berkeley for the Fall of 2013 among other Universities, including UCLA, University of Michigan, and the University of Colorado at Boulder Creek. He was highly active in cancer awareness and fundraising, including the creation of a web site devoted to cancer.

His web site is:

Client from April - November, 2012


Kathryne C. Gains Admission into Johns Hopkins for Fall, 2013!

Kathryne C. gains admission into Johns Hopkins University for the Fall of 2013 among other universities. She had a very impressive extra-curricular and leadership background and a high GPA. Her most impressive project is a history blog she started several years ago, which now has thousands of subscribers.

Her blog is:

Client from April - December, 2012


Sunkulpt K. Gains Admission into UCLA for Fall, 2012!

Sunkulp K. gains admission into UCLA (Fall, 2012) among other universities throughout the United States. He was engaged in a variety of extra-curricular activities during his high school years here in the U.S. and partly in India. With the assistance of Trung Le of Bay Area College Consulting, Sunkulp also created a web site of volunteer listings of domestic and global volunteer opportunities.

His web site is: /

Client from May - November, 2011


Bay Area College Consulting to Offer Course Scheduling

Cupertino, CA (PRWEB) April 23, 2012

Cupertino-based Bay Area College Consulting will begin offering course scheduling service to incoming freshmen college students for the 2012 – 2013 academic year. This will supplement existing college counseling services to aid high school students get into college, including academic, extra-curricular, and leadership building consultation, summer school consultation to study at the University of California at Berkeley and at Stanford University, and college application assistance.

"This will help relieve stress for both students and parents," according to Trung Le, college counselor, De Anza faculty member, and founder of Bay Area College Consulting.

"College course scheduling isn't like high school course scheduling. For the most part, you are on your own in college. You do not have computers generating your schedule for you like you did back in high school. Things are much more complicated when dealing with general education and graduation requirements in addition to the major requirements at each university. My goal is to simplify the complexity of the entire college course scheduling process by planning each semester/quarter of a student's college education."

Simplifying the college admission process and relieving stress for busy parents and students is the reason why Bay Area College Consulting has gained its mostly affluent client base. Among Mr. Le's clients are parents who are business owners and company executives. "They care about their child's future and are often too busy, too worried, or too stressed out, which is why they hire me to be their independent college counselor."

Independent college counselors have gained popularity over the years due to the lack of college counselors in high school and at community colleges.

Bay Area College Consulting is located near Apple's main campus and De Anza College in Cupertino, California. In-person service is available to residents of the South Bay including San Jose, Fremont, Milpitas, Santa Clara, Palo Alto, and neighboring cities, and also to residents of the East Bay including Oakland, Pleasanton, San Ramon, Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, Concord, Benicia and neighboring cities. Telephone and web consultation are available to residents outside of the San Francisco Bay Area.


Leo Y. of Canada Creates Web Site Devoted to a Greener Planet

Leo Y. of Canada creates a web site devoted to creating a greener plant. The web site is It contains links to various articles on environmental issues and also links to recycling centers in his local area. The web site was create upon consultation with Trung Le of Cupertino-based Bay Area College Consulting to build up Leo's extra-curricular background and leadership background to help him gain admission into competitive colleges in the United States. Mr. Le advises that students should develop a web site devote to a personal interest, and that it shouldn't be used merely for college admission, but to give back to society for the long-term. Click here to visit Leo's web site.

Leo Y.
College Admission Client
April - November, 2012


Jordan S. Gains Admission into American University in Washington D.C.

Jordan S. gains admission into American University for the Fall of 2011 after 6-months of college admission consultation by Trung Le of Cupertino-based Bay Area College Consulting. American University is among one of the top private schools in the nation, located in Washington, D.C. He was first a philosophy student of Mr. Le at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill. He later became a client and was advised to attend summer school at UC-Berkeley. He also create a publication containing several interviews of various people in Contra Costa County on the issue of California's economy. Jordan also attend a tour of the UC-Berkeley campus (shown below) while he was a student of Mr. Le at Diablo Valley College.

Jordan S.
College Admission Client
April - October, 2010


College Students takes a tour of the University of California at Berkeley

Trung Le, founder of Cupertino-based Bay Area College Consulting, took several high school and college students from Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, CA on a tour of the University of California, Berkeley campus during the summer of 2009. (Mr. Le is the second person from the right hand side.) Mr. Le explained how studying at UC-Berkeley during the summer is a great intellectual experience and also a great way to develop one's academic background. Anyone can do this since it is open university during the summer. A variety of courses are open to high school students, community college students and other visiting college students. Mr. Le, himself, attended UC-Berkeley during the summers of 2004, 2005, and 2006. Other summer programs are available at Stanford University, Harvard University, Columbia University, and even the University of Cambridge. Contact us today to help you plan your next summer education!


Thomas M. Creates Journal devoted to Political Science; Sold on Amazon

"I sought and hired an advisor from Bay Area College Consulting to help me plot the course to realize the life and career I planned, and found to my surprise that good grades were not that hard for me to achieve. I started The American Future a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to exploring ideas that can shape our nation's future, and I also attended Republican campaign victory school in Washington, where I learned the skills needed to be an effective campaign staffer. On the plane home from Washington I knew it was time to get hands on political training, and emailed the clear front runner for the Republican party in a nearby Congressional race. The next day, I joined the team, and in just a few weeks I became the deputy political director, and an irreplaceable member of the team. I was working 75 hours a week, and learning all I could about campaigning. We closed the underdog gap to a narrow margin, and opportunities now abound for the members of that team. I am now an alternate delegate for the Republican Party Central Committee in Contra Costa County, and am doing other work for the California Republican Party. Though I have been fortunate in finding many avenues that teach and challenge me, the most important lesson I have learned is about myself. I have gone from being a passive student, ready only to go through the motions, to being actively responsible for my own experience of life. It is because of the guidance Bay Area College Consulting offered me that I have been able to accomplish so much." Thank you Bay Area College Consulting for putting me on the right path." Note: Thomas transferred to American University in Washington D.C. in January, 2011

Thomas M.
College Admission Consultation Client
Fall 2008 - Spring 2009


Mar C. Transfers to the UC-Davis from Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill

Mr. Le, director and head coach, was a mentor and academic coach for Mar during his attendance at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill for the past two years. He was encouraged to sign the TAG agreement with the University of California system during the Fall semester of 2008 and was except into all except two universities in the entire UC system. He plans to attend UC-Davis in the Fall of 2009 and will major in philosophy. Here is Mar's testimonial: "[He] introduced the concept of... transferring to prestigious Universities; however, to me that was unheard of, because the thought of it was beyond my expectations. Before introducing me to the transfer agreement process, he made an appointment during one of the weekends for both of us to have a grand tour at the University of California at Berkeley." "While we were both walking around the Berkeley campus, I was instantaneously compelled by the radiating atmosphere in the area and of course the colossal structures of the buildings; it was my first time visiting the place, and what I had witnessed filled me with exuberance. Afterwards, my belief level escalated overnight due to the intensity of such an experience which Mr. Le had implanted in my mind." Note: Mar is now at the University of California at Davis

Mar C.
College Admission Consultation Client
Spring 2007 - Spring 2009


Hanae T. Passes the Writing Skills Test (WST) at San Jose State University

"I received a passing grade for the WST at San Jose State University after being tutored by Mr. Le for a period of two months over the summer. I had been struggling on the essay portion of the WST since my first try because I am a foreign exchange student and English is my second language. As the tutoring sessions went by, my essay score significantly went up and I finally passed the writing portion of the test with my highest score ever! Mr. Le is very helpful, nice, and a very motivating person!"

Hanae T.
Essay Writing Client
Summer 2009


Eugene C. Transfer to the UC-Berkeley from De Anza College in Cupertino

"The most important counsel I received from Mr. Le was his advice to pursue a career in academia. His [advice] was tailored to my interests, strengths, and personality (I do not doubt that for you he may suggest something different). He explained the importance of applying to a prestigious university if I think I may want to pursue a doctorate. Mr. Le also elaborated on the difference of the California State University (CSU) system and the University of California (UC) system. Simply put, it would be extremely difficult for me to attend the UC if I first attend the CSU. I had not known this. I had also never entertained the idea of applying to a prestigious university, let alone being admitted to one. With his explanation of why I may enjoy the life of an academic and the subsequent encouragement of applying to UCs, he gave me the nudge I needed to set off on my path. Today, I am attending UC Berkeley and majoring in philosophy. After my undergraduates work, I will apply to institutions such as Stanford, NYU, and Harvard for my graduate studies. Before I met Mr. Le I did not allow myself to entertain such notions. Thankfully, I did in fact meet him, and was shown the possibilities." Note: Eugene graduated from UC-Berkeley in May, 2010

Hanae T.
Essay Writing Client
Summer 2009


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