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  • Summer School at Stanford University or the University of California - Berkeley
  • Includes 2 consultation sessions
  • Includes application assistance and course selection assistance
  • Open to high school juniors and seniors
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Additional Consultation Info:

  • Information about summer school programs at Stanford University, UC-Berkeley, Harvard University, and Columbia University.
  • Tuition information
  • Application assistance
  • Course selection assistance
  • Program open to qualified high school juniors and seniors

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Summer School Consultation for Stanford University and the University of California at Berkeley for Bay Area Residents

Gaining admission into the best colleges and universities requires a strong academic background. Attending summer school at Stanford University or UC-Berkeley is a great way to do this. It is also a great way for high school students to experience the University setting by taking courses with other existing college students.

Our Summer School Consultation Package includes the following:

  • Two consultation sessions (in-person consultation for Bay Area residents; telephone consultation for residents beyond the Bay Area)
  • Information about attending summer school at Stanford University, UC-Berkeley, Harvard University, and Columbia University
  • Information about tuition and living expenses
  • Application information and assistance
  • Course recommendations to fit your interests

Sample summer courses at Stanford University


  • Biochemistry, genetics, and Molecular Biology
  • Introduction to Biological Research Methods
  • Introduction to Biology
  • Introduction to Human Physiology


  • Chemical Principles I
  • Chemical Principles II
  • Organic Chemistry Laboratory I
  • Organic Monofunctional Compounds
  • Structure and Reactivity


  • Greek and Latin Roots of English
  • Intensive Latin


  • Programming Abstractions
  • Programming Methodology


  • Fiction Writing
  • The Human Love of Mystery: A Journey through Detective Fiction


  • Calculus
  • Liner Algebra and Differential Calculus


  • Astronomy Laboratory and Observational Astronomy
  • Electricity and Magnetics, Optics, Modern Physics
  • Light and Heat
  • Mechanics and Heat with Laboratory
  • Mechanics, Heat, and Electricity
  • Modern Physics with Laboratory
  • The Nature of the Universe

Political Science

  • Introduction to International Relations
  • Modern Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism Strategies
  • United States Foreign Policy

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