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I met Trung when my daughter started her senior in Homestead High in  June  2012 . Worried that my daughter 's procrastination might affect her  college application process, I discussed with Trung for 30 min before our personal meeting/interview. I was very impressed that Trung not only made an effort to meet me in my office for my convenience, he brought a whole page of notes from our phone conversation. I decided to hire him right away , for a college consultant with such level of  professionalism and sincere attitude is rare to find( I have interviewed several in Bay Area, none of them are like Trung). 

During the 6 months working with my daughter, Trung has proved to be a very valuable service to her. He not only guided her through the college selection based on her academic achievement etc, he also spent time to discuss with me his concerns about my daughter's overall wellbeing as a young teenage.  Due to Trung's effort ,time , guidance , my daughter was successfully admitted into 10 top colleges, one of them being Johns Hopkins University which she  has decided to attend. Trung's personal touch , expertise in college consulting, patience working with teenagers, knowledge and willingness to help his clients are very much appreciated . 

I highly recommend Trung.  I will use his service again when the time comes that my younger daughter will be a senior. 


I had no clue or idea of the college process, but investing my time in Bay Area College Consulting offered me insight and helpful tips on how, where, and what to apply to. Not only did I improve my essays with the advice and editing of the esteemed Trung Le, but I also acquired time management skills throughout my whole college application process.


We were delighted to utilize Trung's expertise to find the most suitable college for my son. Trung has deep knowledge of not only the college landscape throughout the country but also matches students strengths and future aspirations to recommend the most appropriate institutions. Further, he provides personalized advice on how to fill out the college application and other documents.


Mr. Le took a lot of the stress off of me (as a parent) and made the process of college applications so much easier for all concerned. He organized & researched potential colleges & universities, kept us well informed of deadlines and set concise goals for my daughter all along the way. He has very good communication and computer skills, walking my daughter through the common app and private school applications as well. Mr. Le listened well to my daughter's passion for service and helped her develop a web site for volunteers, which turned out to be a creative way to let potential schools know her a little better. She was thrilled the day she received her acceptance letter from Denison University, her first choice school.


[Mr. Le] introduced the concept of... transferring to prestigious Universities; however, to me that was unheard of, because the thought of it was beyond my expectations. Before introducing me to the transfer agreement process, he made an appointment during one of the weekends for both of us to have a grand tour at the University of California at Berkeley.""While we were both walking around the Berkeley campus, I was instantaneously compelled by the radiating atmosphere in the area and of course the colossal structures of the buildings; it was my first time visiting the place, and what I had witnessed filled me with exuberance. Afterwards, my belief level escalated overnight due to the intensity of such an experience which Mr. Le had implanted in my mind. Note: Mar graduated from UC-Davis in June, 2013


I sought and hired an advisor from Bay Area College Consulting to help me plot the course to realize the life and career I planned, and found to my surprise that good grades were not that hard for me to achieve.I started The American Future a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to exploring ideas that can shape our nation's future, and I also attended Republican campaign victory school in Washington, where I learned the skills needed to be an effective campaign staffer. On the plane home from Washington I knew it was time to get hands on political training, and emailed the clear front runner for the Republican party in a nearby Congressional race. The next day, I joined the team, and in just a few weeks I became the deputy political director, and an irreplaceable member of the team.I was working 75 hours a week, and learning all I could about campaigning. We closed the underdog gap to a narrow margin, and opportunities now abound for the members of that team. I am now an alternate delegate for the Republican Party Central Committee in Contra Costa County, and am doing other work for the California Republican Party. Though I have been fortunate in finding many avenues that teach and challenge me, the most important lesson I have learned is about myself. I have gone from being a passive student, ready only to go through the motions, to being actively responsible for my own experience of life. It is because of the guidance Bay Area College Consulting offered me that I have been able to accomplish so much. Thank you Bay Area College Consulting for putting me on the right path. Note: Thomas graduated from American University


I received a passing grade for the WST at San Jose State University after being tutored by Mr. Le for a period of two months over the summer. I had been struggling on the essay portion of the WST since my first try because I am a foreign exchange student and English is my second language. As the tutoring sessions went by, my essay score significantly went up and I finally passed the writing portion of the test with my highest score ever! Mr. Le is very helpful, nice, and a very motivating person!


The most important counsel I received from Mr. Le was his advice to pursue a career in academia. His [advice] was tailored to my interests, strengths, and personality (I do not doubt that for you he may suggest something different). He explained the importance of applying to a prestigious university if I think I may want to pursue a doctorate. Mr. Le also elaborated on the difference of the California State University (CSU) system and the University of California (UC) system. Simply put, it would be extremely difficult for me to attend the UC if I first attend the CSU. I had not known this. I had also never entertained the idea of applying to a prestigious university, let alone being admitted to one. With his explanation of why I may enjoy the life of an academic and the subsequent encouragement of applying to UCs, he gave me the nudge I needed to set off on my path. Today, I am attending UC Berkeley and majoring in philosophy. After my undergraduates work, I will apply to institutions such as Stanford, NYU, and Harvard for my graduate studies. Before I met Mr. Le I did not allow myself to entertain such notions. Thankfully, I did in fact meet him, and was shown the possibilities. Note: Eugene graduated from UC-Berkeley in May, 2010

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