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College counselor for executive parents. accepting limited clients for 2018.

Trung Le, College Admission Counselor & College Professor

Specializing in college admission consulting, college
application assistance, personal statement assistance,
academic, extra-curricular, and leadership building.

Educated at San Jose Sate University, University of California at Berkeley, and a candidate of Harvard University summer program.

A College Professor at De Anza College, Diablo Valley College, Gavilan College, and San Jose City College.

Member of the Western Association of College
Admissions Counseling.

Providing in-person consultation in the South and East Bay. Consultation by telephone
and web conference to everyone else in the United States
, Canada, and Asia.


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 The Problem with Today's College Admission Process


The Problem with the College Admission Process More students are applying to college than ever before, and that means competition is fierce, even at some public universities such as the University of California. Students must craft a competitive application to beat the odds of getting into the best colleges and universities, and they should do so early rather than waiting until their senior year. Devoted students are busy with their course requirements, extra-curricular involvement, test preparation, and personal life.


Parents are busy with their careers, taking care of their younger children, driving their children to and from school, cooking dinner, and paying bills. This makes it difficult for parents to help out with the college admission process for their high school junior or senior. Furthermore, the college admission process can be confusing, hectic, and stressful. What is the best college option for my child? What application should be used? What is expected on the college admission personal statement? When should students take the SAT? What do competitive colleges expect from the ideal applicant? How much does a college education cost these days?


As a college consultant, I make the college admission process easier, therefore reducing your stress, headaches, concerns, and even thousands of dollars in the long-term.


Trung Le
Founder, Bay Area College Consulting

Member, Western Association for College Admission Counseling


   The Solution: Independent, one-on-one college counseling


My college admission consultation service will help you become a more qualified applicant by building up your academic background, extra-curricular background, leadership background, and crafting the ideal college application essay throughout your high school years. I will assist you with the college application procedure in your senior year, including college research and writing the personal statement, thereby reducing your concerns and stress so that you can focus on your course requirements, test requirements, and your personal life. Through years of college admissions research, advising, teaching, writing, and publication experience, I will teach you all of the knowledge that I have acquired in only a few consultation hours. All you have to do is to implement my expertise throughout your high school years to be a more qualified candidate.


   Summary of My Background


   10+ years teaching, mentoring, advising, and counseling college students


   Taught 1,600+ college students since 2004


   Read 23,000+ pages of college level assignments


   Consulted with clients throughout the United States, Middle-East, and Canada


   Helped clients transfer to the University of California, small, and large out of state universities


   Helped clients gain entry into private colleges and universities


   Helped clients create and publish a student journal


   Helped clients attend summer programs at major universities such as Stanford and UC Berkeley


   A faculty member at De Anza College, Gavilan College & San Jose City College


   A member of the Western Association of College Admissions Counseling



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